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Hunting facilities

Deer in NagyberekHunting in Nagyberek at Lake Balaton
The Nagyberek is an almost fully intact original habitat, excellent living space and good food source for the game.

Red Deer

The deer herd is one of the best of the country. Well above the average, antlers are more than 7 kg. The weight of antlers of 12-13 kg of mature bulls does not constitute a rarity.


The livestock of fallow deer is smaller in Nagyberek, but sometimes a male can be hunted.


In the area of Nagyberek roes are in large numbers, but of medium trophy-quality. The weight of the annual average shot roe deer antlers is around 300 grams, but every year some medalists are shot with antlers over 400 grams. The best hunting period is from the beginning of May until the beginning of June.


As far as hunting is concerned the wild boar is one of the dominant wild games. The marshy area is an ideal habitat for them. The males represent a primitive type in their looks as well. During the spring and autumn-winter ambush hunting the result is almost guaranteed, while in November and December chase hunting with prominent results can be settled in the area.


Besides deer and wild boar, pheasant is the third most important wild game in Nagyberek. Besides hunting with abundant results, search-hunting and chase hunting are a pleasant and relaxing experience organized from the beginning of November until the end of January.

The guarantee of hunting success is that the hunting are organized by local organizers and hunting agencies with many years of professional experience.

The Boros Castle, preserving the building’s original elegance, friendly, cozy atmosphere offers a perfect accommodation for foreign and Hungarian hunting groups.
We are waiting for hunter guests and also the application of hunting organizing agencies.