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History of the mansion

The Boros Manor-house is situated in the middle of a 30 hectare estate on the southern shore of Lake Balaton in Fonyód – the leading holiday resort – surrounded by the nature reserve of Nagyberek and close to the important hunting-grounds of the area and the spa of Csisztapuszta.

Gróf Zichy Béla statueIt was Earl Béla Zichy, descendant of a wealthy landowner family who embraced the idea of the Balaton cult and handed over part of his 142 acres of forest to create one of the most elegant settlements of villas on the shore of Lake Balaton. The Boros Manor-house is one of the remaining buildings and was restored in 2000. Staying in his hunting cottage in the middle of a 30 hectare nature reserve the lord could easily fulfill both his passions for riding horses and hunting. The untouched nature around the house has remained an important hunting ground ever since.

The Boros Castle in the old timesThe house, once belonged to the family of Earl Zichy, was the office of the local turf quarry till the 1980s while it was deteriorating constantly during the decades. Beginning from the 90s thanks to restoration it has gained back its original atmosphere as a hunting manor-house.

Old photo FonyódThe privately owned house could never revive without the sacrifices and hard work of the Boros family. The building was restored by its owner’s own hands, with his undiminished energy, enthusiasm and professional knowledge. As part of a success story not many people can tell about themselves that they were navies on their own estate and their wives were day-workers.

 Boros Castle nowdaysNowadays, after having restored the building where the whole family – even the 80-year-old grandma – has taken part, the master builder – also as the proud owner of the property – tells exciting stories about the past of the house and its surroundings guiding their guests inside the ancient walls.